Vincent Giarrano

DINGLEDODIES- new paintings by Larry Louis Morse
September 26th through January 13th
Opening Reception at the Good News Restaurant and Bar
694 Main Street South, Woodbury CT 06798
Sunday, October 20th, 2019 from 3:00pm ~ 5:00pm

Larry was born in Harlem hospital, Harlem USA, October 3, 1947. His artistic strengths became apparent early in his youth and educators were quick to encourage and support him in that area of his development. After a tour of Vietnam, he obtained a BFA from The School of Visual Arts in New York City, worked in the New York City commercial art world and taught art in the public school system in the city as a certified teacher. All throughout, Larry pursued his personal vision, artistically, and amassed a sizable body of work. Larry is now at a point in life when over the last 10 years he has promoted and endeavored to share and sell his art with and to others. In addition to his daily commitment and devotion to painting, he works a full-time day job as a yellow cab driver in Manhattan. Notable venues have been galleries in Chelsea, Good News Cafe, Mark Twain Library, Richter Art Association and Gallery 287 in Danbury plus others.


Though the creation of representative art is very gratifying to me- the artist me, non-representative and abstract methods of visual expression in the making of art have revealed and developed a heightened understanding and passion which for me, feeds my process best. In this way of making ART, I endeavor to bring the viewer briefly to a place that reminds them of that early encounter with this new world and remind them thereby of that delicious disorientation the world had on our senses. We had no way to process or relate ourselves to what was happening to us. I want to attempt to share my understanding of this THING and express it in terms which touch on a collectively shared kind of amazing experience. For it is within this personally unique struggle to make sense of this place, that our true individuality is found.